Zeyicp com Reviews {Dec} Is It Another Scam Or Not?

Zeyicp com Reviews {Dec} Is It Another Scam Or Not? >> Read the article on an online store that features affordable products but is still very questionable.

People love to have some cute and quirky stuff to ramp up their house and their lives. But finding affordable products in the United States is not easy. Cheap and cute products are a tough find.

Do you also like to have cute products? Do you know where to find affordable options? Are you sure if these websites are legit or a scam?

Zeyicp com Reviews is trending for these reasons. This particular website features products that are quirky and cute but also very affordable. And therefore, this website has gained a lot of attention among US citizens. Let’s learn more about this website and see whether this website is legit or a scam?

Zeyicp com Reviews {Dec} Is It Another Scam Or Not?

What is Zeyicp com? 

Zeyipc is an online store that features many cute and quirky products like creative goods, fashion hats, phone cases, and even baby clothing. The products featured here are incredibly affordable and fashionable. The website’s domain name was registered on 19th October 2020, which makes the website less than two months old.

Zeyicp com Reviews also found that some products are for less than a dollar on this website. But let’s read more to find out if this website is legit or a scam?

Specifications of Zeyicp com:

  • Website Link: https://www.zeyicp.com/
  • Website Type: Online store selling cute and affordable products
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Refund: If the product passes the inspection, it will be refunded
  • Address: 155-North McDonnell Street, Byers-Colorado, US 80103
  • Return Policy: The website features a 30-day return policy
  • Contact number: +125-121-99-045
  • Shipping: Free Shipping is available in the United States
  • Replacement: Replacement is available for defects
  • Exchanges: Exchange only for the defective or damaged product
  • Cancellation: Cancellation is not mentioned
  • Payments: Two significant cards are accepted
  • Shipping: Within 72 hours for the US

Advantages from Zeyicp com Reviews: 

  • Affordable products are available
  • Great collection of cute and trendy items
  • Return and refund policy is mentioned
  • Shipping info presented in the site policy
  • The store mentions its contact details

Disadvantages of Zeyicp com:

  • The website doesn’t have a professional mail id and is using outlook
  • The domain name is less than two months old
  • Some web[ages are not loading correctly
  • The description of each product is not mentioned in detail
  • Customer feedback is not provided
  • About Us section doesn’t feature owners details
  • Only two payments methods are available
  • ‘About us’ section is not that detailed
  • There are zero Zeyicp com Reviews on the website

Is Zeyicp com legit or not? 

Zeyicp is an online store that features many products like fashionable hats, phone cases, baby clothes, and some creative goods like pots, water cups, and bag holders, which are cute and affordable.

But the website doesn’t provide details about the products in the description. Also, there are no customer reviews present on the website.

The website’s domain name is less than two months old, and it doesn’t have enough traffic. Some webpages are loading incorrectly. And also, the owner’s details are missing from the About Us section of the website. All these make the website a little bit suspicious.

What are Zeyicp com Reviews by people?

The website doesn’t feature any reviews from their buyers. There are no customer feedbacks present on it. Also, there are no social media pages that are featured on the website. Since the products are so affordable and trendy, reviews are expected on the website, but we didn’t find any.

Even after doing a lot of research, we didn’t find any positive reviews about the internet website. Only a few assessments are present, which are calling the website a scam website. People are incredibly disappointed with their purchases on the website.

Final Verdict: 

After going through all the details about the website, Zeyicp com Reviews would like to inform our readers that Zeyicp com is a scam website. Although the website features a lot of cute and affordable, some are even available for less than a United States dollar.

But the lack of customer reviews on the website and negative reviews on other pages makes this website suspicious. Some people have even warned others about not buying anything from this website on their personal social media pages. The website also doesn’t feature any information about the website owners. And the description of the products is also not mentioned in detail.

Do let us know your Zeyicp com Reviews and experience with this online store in the comments section below!

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